At Teach Me 2, commitment and continuity is really important. It can be tricky to to gauge before any tutoring has actually started, but all Teach Me 2 tutors are expected to keep committed to a job for a minimum period of around 1 to 3 months.

When you receive a job alert, ensure you read through all the relevant information. You will see that the commitment required is stated in the job ad. If you are not able to commit for the full duration, please ensure that you state this clearly in your application.

Once you've agreed to take on a job, we expect you to keep your commitment to us and the client. 

Show us that you're a committed tutor by:

  • Not applying for too many jobs at once (this is because if the jobs do go ahead, you will not be able to manage them all)

  • Managing your time well as to avoid double-booking yourself

  • Only applying for and agreeing to jobs that you can fully commit to

  • Keeping to and upholding the times on the lesson schedules that are sent to you

Dropping jobs does not fare well with Teach Me 2 or the client, because it can really disrupt a student's learning and development, and subsequently negatively affects our service and reputation.

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