Be a human being

Learners will respond with interest and motivation if you are caring and authentic. We encourage you to share parts of yourself with the learner. Tell them short anecdotes of mistakes that you have made and in this way you will automatically become more approachable.


Learners who have not developed powerful intrinsic motivation to learn can be assisted by extrinsic motivators in the form of rewards. Rewards should be small i.e. younger learners can be given a balloon or a piece of gum. Older learners embrace verbal praise, certificates and even ‘Well done’ stickers are effective to reward good performance. 

We all like to accomplish something and to be recognised and in this way, such extrinsic motivators can eventually produce intrinsic motivation.

Enthusiasm is contagious

Ensure that your lessons resonate with the personality and interests of the learner. Generally speaking, people remember better when learning is accompanied by strong emotions. We strongly encourage you to make your tutoring sessions exciting and fun! The day you dress up in character or do something embarrassingly silly and humorous to teach a concept will be the day that you make a memorable point.

Keep the atmosphere light-hearted

Unmotivated learners already expect the worst and their negative attitude often creates a self-fulfilling prophecy when they are judged or criticised. Counter this by affirming them and keeping things light-hearted.

Create a strong mental link between education and their learning, with life fulfillment. Unmotivated learners find it difficult to see a true benefit from learning.

Compliment unmotivated students. Our natural human inclination is to please the people we like. When a student respects and admires you, s/he is more likely to make an effort to learn the subject content and be an active participant in his/her learning. Make it a special point to compliment and positively praise your learner’s progress.

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