What are subject justifications/motivations?

Subject justifications are important because they are seen by potential clients and they give you the opportunity to explain why you are the best candidate to tutor a specific subject.

Essentially, you’re justifying your skills, abilities and experience to convince them to pick you!

What do I need to include?

Clients use subject motivations to make the decision of which tutor they'd like to work with, so it's important for you to keep your subject motivations short, informative and interesting.

NB: When writing your motivations, be aware of the language you use. Instead of starting off a sentence with “I would be a good Geography tutor because...” use positive and affirming language such as “I AM a great Geography tutor because...”

OR "I think I can help you do better..." use "I believe I can make a difference and assist you in improving your results!"

Make sure your subject justifications are interesting and set you apart!

Of course, you should aim for them to be well-written and grammatically correct; but you also want them to be original and truly reflect both the awesome person you are, but also the awesome tutor you can be!

Avoid repetition in subject motivations, be authentic and add relevant experience/knowledge to show off your capability as a tutor.

How do I update my motivations?

-Log into your tutor portal

-Click on "subjects" in the "profile" dropdown menu at the top of the page

-Click on "edit" and enter in your motivation (up to 300 characters). Get creative!

-Click "save" and your new motivation will go through to our Tutor Team for approval.

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