Why some jobs don't go ahead:

As a highly reputable tutoring company, we get many requests for tutors and try to work on a first come, first basis so that we can place tutors with students as quickly as possible.

Generally speaking, tutoring jobs may not go ahead for one of these reasons:

  • The customer postpones or cancels their tutoring enquiry (this happens more often than you think!).

  • The customer makes an enquiry and is unresponsive as they have decided not to go ahead with tutoring, which means that we then need to cancel the tutoring request.

  • The job is better suited to another tutor due to availability, proximity or qualifications.

  • The client changed their tutoring requirements or availability, which means that we need to cancel the old request and launch a new tutor search.

Here are some tips to boost your chances of being selected for jobs:

  • Stay active and up to date on the tutor portal.

  • Apply and respond quickly to jobs that you are interested in.

  • Keep your availability for lessons up to date (i.e remove time slots that have been allocated to your other learners).

  • If you're planning on working with students under the age of 18, organise a background check certificate and add it to your profile (we do this for all our incoming tutors as part of the application process, to make it easier for you!).

  • Make sure that your subject justifications are enthusiastic and interesting to read. This is what clients see when they select a tutor for their lessons, so think of what you would look out for if you were choosing your own tutor!

  • More often than not, try to apply for in-person jobs that you are easily able to travel to. While we can add a small travel compensation for further away jobs, going the distance could still mean more expenses are incurred for you as the tutor.

  • Be prepared for your lessons:

By preparing well and making a great impression during your lessons, this instills more trust within returning and new clients. Doing a brilliant job means that clients will specifically request you as their tutor for future tutoring plans!

Here are some pointers on how to prepare for and give high quality lessons.

Have you made these updates to your profile?

  • Opt in for in-person tutoring:

We highly recommend our tutors offer both online & in-person tutoring, as this opens you up to many more job opportunities. You'll have the choice to accept jobs that are convenient for you, meaning you will have complete control over your schedule!

To opt-in for in-person tutoring, check this box found under the “availability” tab on your tutor profile, select your preferred job distance and click save:

  • Add more subjects to your profile: .

You are eligible to tutor any subjects that you have achieved above 80% in - South African Curriculum, USA curriculum - 3.7 GPA minimum in at Highschool (12th Grade) level, and above 75% -South African curriculum, USA curriculum -3.7 GPA minimum at University/College level.

This will increase the chances of job offers being sent to you, and can significantly increase your chances of being selected for tutoring jobs.

Remember, clients often request a combination of tutoring subjects and want one tutor to assist with all/most of them!

Follow these steps to add more subjects to your profile.

  • Ensure that you have a professional-looking profile picture:

This is one of the first things a client sees. Clients want to be tutored by someone friendly, polished and energetic looking! This head & shoulders image below is a good example of a suitable type of profile picture to use.

Follow these steps to update your profile picture!

Thank you for being a dedicated Teach Me 2 tutor, and for helping 1000s of students improve their results and get their confidence back!

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