Each month, you are required to complete progress reports for each of the learners you are actively tutoring.

If you've completed 3 or more lessons with a learner, please submit your feedback report before the given payment date.

Feedback forms are a prerequisite for payment and can be found and submitted online.

  1. Log into your portal, click on the Jobs tab and select current jobs.

  2. Find the job you want to submit feedback for and click on the view details button.

3. Scroll down to the learner's name and select the button that says submit feedback.

A blank feedback form should now open that looks something like this:

4. Complete the form and then hit send feedback at the bottom of the page. 

A copy will automatically be sent to us as well as the client!

This gives you a great opportunity to share how things are going with your lessons and highlight what they're doing well and what they need to work on.

The feedback reports are very important and incredibly valuable for a number of reasons:

  • The feedback reports are important to tutors because it helps them keep track of what they’ve done and whether or not they need to adjust their approach if they don’t see any noticeable improvement

  • It’s important to the clients because they also get to see what is covered, whether their young kids are as engaged in the lessons as they should be, and the progress taking place as a result of the tutoring

  • Feedback reports are to be filled in monthly and are necessary for payment to be made to you for the tutoring.

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