Why Teach Me 2 is expanding online

More tutoring opportunities for you!

We are seeing more and more lessons taking place in our online platform daily, and this is great for so many reasons - not only do tutors have access to many more tutoring opportunities if they have opted in for online tutoring, but it also means we are able to offer lessons to clients around the world. As a tutor, this means you are able to conduct lessons from the comfort of your own home! This also means that even if you are not based in a major town or city, providing you have a good internet connection, you are still able to tutor.

What do I need to conduct lessons?

You are required to have the following to tutor online.

  • A laptop, tablet or desktop — Phones are not suitable

  • A Webcam and Microphone — these are usually built in if you have a laptop. Earphone microphones also work really well

  • An internet connection of 1-2 mbps up and down or higher Check out your speed here. 3G/LTE/phone hotspot won't work effectively.

How to start tutoring online

1. Log into your tutor portal. From there, click the "Profile" dropdown from the top menu, then click "Availability" 

2. Click the checkbox labelled "I would like to tutor via Teach Me 2's Online Classroom solution" and then click "Save Changes"

3. After you've opted in, we'll send you an email with all the information you'll need, as well as a test for you to complete to verify your understanding of how to use our online platform. 

After you complete your test and send it to us, we’ll review it and either approve you to take on online jobs, or give you a clear reason as to why you weren't successful.

Have any other questions?

Check out our FAQ section.

If you're struggling to find the answer you need or you're unsure about anything and need some help, please pop us a message on the online chat.

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