Teach Me 2 works on a 3 strike system. We're passionate about what we do and want you to enjoy tutoring with us, but we expect a high level of professionalism at all times.

Misconduct is separated into 3 different categories and dealt with accordingly:

  • Warning 1 will be formally issued if the tutor:

Arrives unprepared for lessons, is late to lessons without a valid reason, dresses unprofessionally, is uncontactable, fails to attend or provide 6 business hours notice when rescheduling lessons, fails to uphold commitment to jobs.

  • A repeat of any of the above actions, or a second offense after Warning 1 has been issued will result in a formal issue of Warning 2.

  • Automatic deactivation, where you will be terminated as a tutor. This includes: willingly accepting cash from clients, confirming lessons that did not happen or were not fully completed, any illegal actions, gross misconduct, soliciting clients for payment/to work with them privately.

Please note that after 2 warnings, the third will result in an instant deactivation.

Should you be found guilty of misconduct, you will receive direct communication from our Tutor team to address the issue, and will be able to respond in writing should you wish.

All offenses will be noted on your tutor profile and kept on record by Teach Me 2.

We love maintaining a positive working relationship with our tutors, and trust that you will understand the importance of Teach Me 2 providing excellent service overall. We hold ourselves to a high standard because we believe in going above and beyond for our clients and tutors, and would love to work hand in hand with our tutors to achieve this goal!

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