So, you might have noticed that your tutor portal looks a little different under the Jobs tab. Here are some things that you need to know:

Under the Job Ads tab, you can browse through the following: all, matching subjects and alerted job

Matching subjects = jobs that match your profile more specifically
Alerted jobs = jobs you've received alerts for

More updates:

1) You can now tell the difference between verified and unverified jobs

  • Verified Job 12345 = the job details have been confirmed with the client and there is a high likelihood of it going ahead

  • Job 12345 = the job details have not been confirmed yet, so we're not sure if the job will be going ahead yet (I.e. don't put all your hope in this job going ahead)

2) You can now message the person managing the job directly via the portal

Only use this feature to add important information you weren't able to include in your job application.
E.g. that you've got Special Needs experience if the job calls for that.

Please note, if you do not see someone's face on the right-hand side of the job info page, it is because we are not prioritizing this job search at the moment. If this changes, you'll see someone's face there, in which case you'll be able to send them job-specific information if needed.

3) You can see what is happening with your job applications

We know that there's been a concern around tutors not hearing back about the jobs that they've applied for, so we're hoping this integration will help address that!

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