When it comes to making changes to the lesson schedule, we encourage you to liaise with your learner directly and then update your schedule online.

As outlined in the Terms and Conditions, we require a 6 business hours notice period:

  • If you/your client need to reschedule a lesson (ahead of time), you can liaise to find an alternative lesson date and time.

  • If clients don't provide us with sufficient notice (ie less than 6 hours) or if they're not at home when you arrive for a lesson, that lesson credit is deemed a forfeit and you'll be paid for your time.

  • If you, as the tutor, cancel a lesson without sufficient notice that lesson would need to be rescheduled and is owed to your client by you. If this is the case, you need to liaise with your client to find an alternative lesson time.

ALL changes need to be updated on your online schedule via your tutor portal to prevent payment delays.

Please do not attend lessons that are not on your schedule without first confirming with your support manager as the client may not yet have paid for more lessons and we can only pay you for lessons that the client has agreed to.

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