Once you have confirmed or rescheduled a lesson, your client will receive an email confirming the changes:

Clients have up to 5 days to query confirmations.

If they are querying a lesson that didn’t take place, they can click on the link to let us know. The link will take them to a lesson schedule notice where they have the opportunity to disagree with the changes made.

If they leave a comment to disagree, your support manager is notified of the scheduling dispute and will then get in touch with you to find out what went wrong.

If the client does dispute a lesson change, for whatever reason, the lessons that have been provisionally confirmed in that email will be put on hold until the dispute is resolved and the lessons have been confirmed. It’s important, therefore, that the dates match exactly what has actually taken place in order to prevent delays with your payment.

If they do not disagree with the changes, the lessons will be automatically confirmed for payment after 8 days and will be paid to you in the next pay run

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