Want to guarantee a successful first lesson?

We’ve done research with our clients over the past few months and have put a guide together with some helpful tutoring tips and tricks.

Tutoring is all about the relationship between the tutor and their student, so it's critically important to get these things right.

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Four things to do before the first Lesson

1. Contact your client

Clients value tutors who pay attention to detail, and first impressions count!

A couple of days before the first lesson, we’d encourage you to call the family to introduce yourself and find out if there is anything you should know before lessons start. The client’s contact details can be found on the lesson schedule.  

This connection gives your client an opportunity to get to know you before the lessons start, and also provides you with a chance to find out any important information about your student(s) and what they want to cover in the first lesson, so that you can be better prepared.

You should also use this opportunity to confirm the lesson times, location and potential parking situation too!

2. Plan and prepare the content

Clients appreciate tutors who plan and prepare well.

One-on-one tutoring is not just about regurgitating information – it's also about planning, connecting with the student, and engaging with the lesson content.

Lesson planning is really important because it helps give structure to the tutoring process. Before each lesson, you should be spending some time preparing notes, worksheets, and homework for your student(s).

To make your life easier, we’ve created this lesson planning template for you to adapt as needed.

3. Organise your transport

It’s your responsibility to plan ahead and arrive at the lesson venue on time. You need to plan your route in advance and save the client’s details to your phone in case anything happens.

On the day of the first lesson, we’d suggest you leave early enough to give yourself enough time to find the venue – avoid unnecessary stress!

4. Check the lesson schedule

Whenever you receive a lesson schedule, always check it on your tutor portal to ensure that the days and times match your availability. Then, if any changes need to be made once lessons have started, you can action that via your portal. Here's how to reschedule and confirm lessons.

Conducting your first lesson

These are a few things that you need to get right during the first lesson. Make this your mission at all times:

Present yourself well

This might be obvious, but first impressions really count- so make sure that you dress appropriately and look presentable at all times.

Be neat, clean, wear shoes, smell nice (fresh breath, not smokey, boozy or sweaty) and don’t wear a t-shirt with obscenities/profanity on it.

If you’re on-the-go, keep some deodorant and a pack of chewing gum on you just in case! (This is also just generally good life advice).

Smile :) Use friendly language, tone of voice, and relaxed body language to help your student feel at ease.

You want to make a good impression on both the client and the company.

Be extra vigilant with communication and let them know that you are going to support and encourage the student.

We have put together some great ice breaker and activity ideas that you can use in your first lesson. Feel free to print, copy and edit them to make them more suitable for your tutoring style!

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