Use our short link process to apply for jobs:

You will receive a text message which will contain similar information to the image shown below:

Click on the link and you will be directed to a page that will contain the information about the job ( as shown below ):

The information in the job alert will contain the following:

-Rate per lesson

-Frequency of lessons

-Duration of lessons

-Distance from you


-Grade Level of student

At the bottom of the job ad, you will have the option to apply for the job. You will click on the 'I'm Interested' tab, and follow the process.

If you are unable to take on the job, you will be able to decline it by clicking the 'I'd prefer to decline' option straight away.

As you fill out the job application, please ensure you include your availability ( tutors who have matched availability to the clients will always have a better chance of being selected for the job ).

PS: If there is anything else you need to include, there is a text box at the end of the process where you can fill in additional information.

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