Why is a Clearance Certificate important?

A Clearance Certificate is an official document that indicates that a person does not have any convictions to their name and is therefore authorized to work with minors.

Proving that you have a clean criminal record is a vital step for us to ensure a safe learning environment for our learners. It is the final vetting stage of becoming a tutor with Teach Me 2.

All tutors need to have a Clearance Certificate in order to work with minors (under 18) as per our Terms and Conditions. Having Clearance helps give clients peace of mind and helps build trust. It can also greatly increase your chances of being selected for jobs.

Note: Once your tutoring profile has been made live, your Clearance Certificate will be available to download for your personal use under the tab “tutor clearance”.

How to get your clearance certificate

Get clearance via MiE:

Clearance needs to be done in person because fingerprints are involved. Thus, we've set up an account with MiE, whom we liaise with to conduct the check.
They organize Clearance Certificates within 2-4 days and their service has been amazing so far! Feedback from other tutors is that this is, by far, the most efficient process to follow :)

Follow these steps to organize your clearance:

1. Pay R285 to the following Teach Me 2 Clearance account:
Teach Me 2
Acc no: 62508663590
Cheque Acc
Branch code: 250 655
Please include your phone number as your reference

2. Email the Tutor Experience Manager that has been assisting you with your application with your proof of payment — once they receive it, they'll help you book your appointment with MiE.

3. When the booking date comes, get your fingerprints taken by the official (takes 5-10 minutes to do).

4. As the liaising agents, we'll receive a copy of your certification from MiE and upload it to your profile. After that, we'll send you the final steps to get your profile live.

Email us if you want a copy for your records.

NB: Clearance is non-refundable, so please ensure that you are 100% committed to tutoring with us before making payment for it.

Do I need clearance if I'm not a South-African citizen?
What if I already have clearance?

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