Tutor Protocols when doing Face to Face lessons during COVID-19 crisis

For your safety and the client’s, we have outlined some important protocols which need to be followed at all times.

Safe tutoring during COVID-19:

1) Normal Practices

  • Maintain social distancing at all times.

  • Wear a face mask at all times.

  • Avoid touching your face when at the student’s home.

  • Sanitize hands when entering the student’s home, and before touching workbooks or any other learning materials that the student will be in contact with.

  • Do not use your hand to cover a cough or sneeze. Use the crook of your elbow. Sanitize immediately after this.

  • Dispose of tissues in the bin immediately after use.

  • Refrain from eating or drinking in the student’s home - this includes the use of water bottles.

  • Avoid ALL physical contact.

  • Limit contact with other people as much as possible, both before the tutoring plan starts as well as throughout the course of tutoring. Likewise, we are asking our clients to do the same.

2) Practical Tutoring Guidelines

  • If you have come into contact with someone who has been confirmed to have COVID-19, inform your Support Manager immediately - under no circumstances will you be permitted to travel to the lesson in such cases.

  • We would recommend that you use a small whiteboard or chalkboard if at all possible to limit contact with the same item. If this is not possible then we would recommend chatting to the client about getting posterboards ( A2 or A3 ) / paper to write on to use for lessons - these can be found at most supermarkets.

  • Please ensure that you bring your own stationery, and keep this separate from the learner’s. Do not share any stationery with the learner.

  • Always contact the client before the first lesson to get a sense of their expectations, and if they have any concerns.

  • Pack any learning materials into plastic sleeves or flip files so these can be wiped down and sanitized.

  • Please note that by taking on a Face to Face job Teach Me 2 will not be held responsible in the case where COVID-19 is contracted as a result of the tutoring.

3) Practical Emotional Tips

  • Remember your customer and learner can't see you smiling with your mask on so use friendly language and tone of voice, and relaxed body language to help them feel at ease.

  • Your tutoring family is likely to be on high-alert and this might make tutoring feel a bit more tense than normal, chat to your customer about the special precautions you are taking so that they know you take your and their safety seriously.

  • Call the student before the lesson, if possible, and introduce yourself to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible.

  • Try to remember that the students have not had the opportunity to interact with their peers, so especially for younger learners, try to approach the lessons in a creative and engaging manner so that they feel more comfortable Making lessons fun and engaging is more important than ever now.

  • Be extra vigilant with communication and let them know that you are going to support and encourage the student.


Is it safe for me to do Face to Face sessions?

Yes, as long as you maintain the hygiene guidelines stated above, and your use of personal protective equipment. Social distancing must also be adhered to.

How do I know that the client is also following social distancing and taking safety measures?

We have set out strict tutoring protocols and standard practices for the clients to adhere to, as well as the tutors.

Should you feel that this is not adhered to then please inform your Support Manager immediately.

What if I am not comfortable traveling to the area of the client?

Please ensure you always double-check the location of the client before lessons are due to take place - it is the responsibility of the tutors to ensure that they are familiar with all the specifics of the job. If you are not comfortable with the area then it is best not to apply for that job in question.

Who do I contact at Teach Me 2 if the lessons cannot go ahead due to exposure of either the client or myself to COVID-19?

Please let your Support Manager know immediately and do not attend lessons. Ensure you let the client know with the standard minimum of 6 hours notice. Online lessons could potentially commence in the interim. This is entirely up to the client and needs to be arranged via your Support Manager.

What do I bring to the lessons with me?

Your own stationery, learning materials and anything else that will assist with the lesson. Ensure you contact the client prior to the first lesson to see if anything else is required.

If you have a small whiteboard or chalkboard, we would also recommend bringing this!

Please sanitize these items - as mentioned above, we recommend using plastic sleeves and flip files that can be wiped down with disinfectant.

And of course, a great attitude!! :)

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