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Payment Dates


Payment date: 13 January (Admin deadline 17:00 SAST 3 January)

Payment date: 27 January (Admin deadline 17:00 SAST 17 January)


Payment date: 10 February (Admin deadline 17:00 SAST 31 January)

Payment date: 24 February (Admin deadline 17:00 SAST 14 February)


Payment date: 10 March (Admin deadline 17:00 SAST 28 February)

Payment date: 24 March (Admin deadline 17:00 SAST 14 March)

If you follow the correct process and confirm your lessons in time rest assured that the lessons will be processed in time for payment.

Payments are made on the morning of the payment date so it may only reflect in your account the following day depending on who you bank with.

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