At Teach Me 2, we take pride in being a high touch, hands-on service and provide a personalised experience for each tutor and client. Being an international tutoring company, we have many overhead costs: advertising and marketing, personnel costs, operational costs etc. due to our commitment to surprisingly good service!

Our customer rates and tutor pay are carefully calculated and to balance these factors so that we continue to thrive.

Teach Me 2 charges its customers anything between $40 - $60 per hour, while the tutor's rate is automatically set from this and varies between $25 - $35 per hour (or more depending on the level and subject).

Please note that after your first 25 hours of tutoring, your lesson rate will see a 3% increase.

After your first 50 hours hours of tutoring, your lesson rate will see a 6% increase.

Each time we set a customer up with some tutoring support, they are required to pay us upfront prior to any lessons commencing. The customers pay us, and then we pay our tutors on a monthly basis. We have a team of Support Managers who facilitate this process so that you don't have to talk money with your customers.

In a nutshell, your rates are not open to negotiation. We don't deny that you could earn more working as a private tutor, and that option is still available to you to supplement your income.

We want you to feel valued as a tutor with us. We exist to find jobs for you and handle most of the administration associated with getting paid, so that you can focus on tutoring.

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