While you work with us as an independent contractor, you do need to be aware of our Tutor Terms and conditions.

Here are the most important points to take from the Ts and Cs.


Commitment and continuity are really important to us. When you accept a job with us, we expect a commitment to both the client and the Company.

You can show us that you're a committed tutor by:

  • Not applying for too many jobs at once, because if the jobs do go ahead, you will not be able to manage them all

  • Managing your time well so to avoid double-booking yourself

  • Only applying for and agreeing to jobs that you can give 100% to

  • Keeping to and upholding the times on the lesson schedules that are sent to you

Dropping clients can really disrupt a learner's learning and development and we take this seriously.


Once you've been set up with a student, please feel free to go ahead and communicate with them directly. Just make sure you keep your online schedule up to date and keep your Support Manager if you need help adjusting your schedule.


Working with Teach Me 2 means that you need to be forthcoming, honest and responsible at all times. We like to have fun and we believe in second chances, but we expect a high level of professionalism.

Misconduct is categorized into minor and major offences and would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Find out more about this here.


As a Teach Me 2 tutor, you agree to keep all sensitive information about your clients, other tutors, and the Company to yourself.

This goes for during and after employment with us.

Dress Code

As a Teach Me 2 representative, you are expected to dress appropriately and present yourself well at all times.

Lesson Scheduling and Cancellations

We work according to a 6 business hours notice policy, so if you cannot attend a lesson, you need to give us sufficient notice.

This protocol works both ways in that we expect the same etiquette from our clients.

Payments & Gas

Tutors' rates are set on our system. At all times, you will be paid the set hourly rate unless otherwise stated. Payments are done on a monthly basis, provided you follow the necessary steps to action payment.

You are also expected to cover your own petrol costs for trips up to 10 miles.

Safety & Tutor Background checks

Your safety is important to us, so click here for information on how to protect yourself.

All tutors need to have clearance in order to work with minors, so you'll need to get a background check certificate before we can accept you onto our system. Click here to find out more.


If you need to leave Teach Me 2, we expect you to give us a minimum of 30 days written notice. We'll be sad to see you go - please email your resignation with your 30 days notice to tutor@teachme2.com.

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