During the current pandemic, you may find that some of your lessons will shift online.

At Teach Me 2, we are committed to ensuring your online tutoring sessions go smoothly. This also means that the need for rescheduling lessons must be kept to a minimum.

We advise that tutors continue to use the Teach Me 2 online classroom as the preferred method of online tutoring as much as possible. However, we understand that sometimes technical difficulties strike and backup plans are needed.

Thus, we have introduced an extra online teaching solution that will help you in this event. The platform is called Miro and enables you to make use of a virtual whiteboard that is both easy to use and highly effective.

This solution will allow your lessons to take place successfully in the event of technical difficulty, and ensure that students receive the help they need.

We have included some FAQs below, to help get you started:

What do I need in order to tutor with Miro?

The requirements for Miro are the same as our standard requirements for online tutoring:

  • A laptop or desktop computer ensures the best experience. Phones are not suitable

  • A webcam and microphone. These are usually built in if you have a laptop. Earphones or headset microphones also work well.

  • An internet connection of 2-3 mbps up and down or higher. Check your speed here. 3G/LTE is often not sufficient due to inconsistent connectivity.

  • Browser: the virtual classrooms will work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari (iOS 10+) and Edge. Internet Explorer 11 and older browsers are supported but without audio or video. We recommend either using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox as they deliver the best experience.

How do I sign up for and use Miro?

Please watch this simple video for instructions on how to register and use the Miro platform!

How do I switch over to Miro in the event of technical difficulties?

We advise that tutors create a Miro account and board as a backup before lessons commence.

If technical difficulties strike during a lesson in the online classroom, you can then simply send your student the link to the Miro board and join them on a separate call to conduct the remainder of the lesson.

Does Miro have a call function?

Although Miro does have a call function, we advise our tutors and clients to utilize Zoom, Skype or even WhatsApp to conduct a separate video call. With both parties on a call, you can then view the same Miro board and conduct your lesson easily.

I am encountering technical bugs while using Miro and need assistance. How do I get help?

If you encounter any errors or bugs whilst using the Miro platform, please email into online@teachme2.com for assistance and we will get back to you shortly.

Is it compulsory to use Miro for lessons?

No! The Miro platform is a backup solution, available should technical difficulties occur in the Teach Me 2 online classroom. It can be used in conjunction with the Teach Me 2 online classroom, or as a separate tool to conduct effective and helpful online lessons.

Good luck for your online lessons, and happy tutoring!

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