Our diverse team includes people from different walks of life, all around the world, with a passion for education. We are heartfelt individuals who are dedicated to personal and professional growth.

We are looking for people to join our team in the following roles and teams:

  • Learning Strategist - Sales Department

In this role, you’ll take clients from their first interaction with Teach Me 2 all the way through to the implementation of their lesson game plan. The role will require you to draw alongside your clients to understand the issues and concerns that they face and to act as their advisor, setting them up with a game plan to help them reach their education goals, before handing them over to our Customer Support Team.

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  • Tutor Placement Intern - Tutor Placement Team

Fulfilling the role of a Tutor Placement Intern, you would work within a small team to find jobs for tutors by matching their profiles up with clients’ tutoring requests.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone with an interest or experience in recruitment, education and communications, who can master the skills of job placement within one of the best companies in South Africa.

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Tutor Experience Intern - Tutor Experience Team

Tutor Experience interns will have the responsibility of acting as gatekeepers to the Teach Me 2 tutor community by way of guiding tutoring applicants through the application and onboarding processes.

Part of the role is to ensure that the tutoring requirements are met by potential applicants and that they are supported once they are accepted as a Teach Me 2 tutor.

You will also be responsible for dealing with queries from tutors and resolving issues.

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Customer Support Manager - Support Team

Support Managers work within the Support Team which manages the ongoing journey for all of Teach Me 2’s learners and tutors. You will need to be excellent at understanding what the client needs and proactively delivering exactly that. You will also invoice clients & collect payments. We want to make sure that the only reason our clients decide to stop working with us is that they’ve achieved the results they wanted to achieve.

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