Q: Who should I contact if I'm having problems?👀

A: i) If your concern relates to a specific job that you have been accepted for, your Support Manager is the best person to contact and should always be your first port of call.

On your tutor profile, under your 'Current jobs' tab, you will be able to see who your Support Manager is.

ii) You would have received an email from your Support manager, containing a link to the lesson schedule when your lessons were set up. In the lesson schedule, your Support manager's contact details will be visible. You can also use these contact details to get in touch.

iii) If you have general queries regarding tutoring you can email tutor@teachme2.com or use the live chat feature on the tutor portal.

Q: My client is in a different timezone to me - how do I ensure we are on the same page regarding lesson times? 🗓

A: When applying for the job via the tutor portal please make sure you read the notes carefully and take note of the timezone. The times will be displayed in the client's times.

When lessons are set to go ahead make sure you text or call the client before the lessons start to confirm the times. The client's times can also be found on your lesson schedule on the left-hand side or under 'current jobs' on your tutor portal as seen below - rather overcommunicate than under-communicate! :)

Q: I need more material to help me prepare - where should I get this? 📚
A: Again, this is why it is so important to make contact with the client before the first lesson - this gives you the opportunity to get the content they are studying so you can use it to prepare for your lessons.

Ask them to send you the assignment and curriculum outline so you'll know exactly what you are required to cover.
Use the opportunity to ask important questions which will help your lessons go as smoothly as possible.

Q: How do I make sure my first lesson goes well? 📲

A: It's all about communication! Before the first lesson, set up a time to call your client ( we recommend sending a text prior to this so you can find a good time to call ) - During the call, introduce yourself and find out what they would like to cover in the first lesson. Show your clients how eager you are to help them get their confidence back!

This will make a great first impression and will also assist you in preparing for your first lesson. ( Think about what you would like if you were the one getting tutoring!😄 )

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