How do I check the status of a job?

Are you waiting for feedback on a job application? Here is how you can check the status of tutoring jobs you have applied for via your Tutor Portal.

We want to make sure you hear back about your jobs in time for you to plan your time and your upcoming lessons!

To save you time, we have now made the status of job applications easily viewable on your Tutor Portal under the JOBS TAB.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Search the job number that you applied for in the search bar on your tutor portal.

  • The job outcome will display as one of the following statuses:

- “You applied for this job” (This means the tutor has not been proposed for the job)

- “You were proposed for this job” (This means the client has not selected their tutor yet)

- “Client selected another tutor

- “No response from client

- “Client cancelled their enquiry

- “Client found a private tutor

( You won’t receive an email if you’re not selected, it’ll show up under the job instead).

See the animation below for reference:

Alternatively, use the SEARCH BAR:

We’ve added a search bar to the Dashboard and the Current Jobs tab.
On the dashboard, you can search by job number (the full number) to find the job you’re looking for.

From the current jobs / past jobs page, you can search by partial job number, learner name, customer name, customer email. The job number will match the one you received in the text alert.

The options you can use to search are listed in the placeholder text in the search bar.

As a rule of thumb, if you don't hear from us within a week of applying for a job, you can assume that the client has decided not to go ahead with tutoring.

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