Step 1. Navigate to the Upcoming Lessons page on your Tutor Portal.

Step 2. Select Add to Calendar.

Step 3. Select Copy Calendar Subscription Link. This will automatically copy the link onto your clipboard.

Step 4. With the link copied to your clipboard, go to your calendar app (Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar).

4.1 For iCal, select File and New Calendar Subscription.

4.2 For Google Calendar select the + sign beside Other Calendars and select From URL.

4.3 For Outlook select Add a New Calendar and then Subscribe from Web.

Step 5. Paste the copied link where it requests the Calendar URL, and click Subscribe.

This will add all upcoming lessons to your calendar. If any changes are made on your portal, they will update automatically on your calendar.

If you have any feedback about how this is working, please let us know here.

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