We use a paperless online system to manage your lessons. All lessons that have taken place or need to be rescheduled will be actioned via your tutor portal.

The 1-2-3 on Confirming completed lessons:

  1. Click on the confirm lessons button at the top right of the page

  2. Select the relevant lessons that have taken place

  3. Click on ‘confirm lessons’ at the bottom of the list of scheduled lessons

NB: Please do NOT confirm lessons that did not take place, or lessons that did not last for their full duration.

Confirming lessons that did not take place is classed as tutor misconduct, and is an offence that may lead to the deactivation of your tutor profile from our system.

If you did not attend one or more lessons on your job plan, inform your Support Manager of this immediately so that they can remove the lesson from your job.

See the animation below on how to confirm a lesson:

Please Remember: You are required to confirm all completed lessons on a weekly basis.

2 weeks after the lesson date the lesson will become 'locked' and you will need to contact your Support Manager for assistance

Please also note that when you as the tutor confirm a lesson, it will show as 'provisionally completed' and will take about 8 days for the lesson to reflect on your tutor profile as fully "completed" from the date that it was confirmed.

Why do my lessons show as 'provisionally completed' ?

Confirmation triggers an email to your customer indicating that the lessons took place and they will show as ‘provisionally completed’.

This means that just in case there is an error, the client will have 5 days to query the confirmation. Should the client indicate that there is an error we will swiftly resolve this with you.

No query means your lesson will automatically be marked as confirmed.

Thereafter, payment will display as confirmed and will be paid out in the upcoming pay run.

Change of plans? Reschedule your lessons:

First and foremost: Ensure your client is onboard with the new times and has agreed to them.

Any updates made on your portal will trigger an email to the client with the revised dates, so all information will need to be accurate.

To reschedule a lesson, click on 'edit' for the particular lesson that needs to be updated and follow the prompts.

Please Remember: You are required to reschedule lessons within the week they are originally scheduled for.

If you reschedule any lessons into a past date, they will automatically be marked as provisionally completed, so please be sure to avoid this.

See the animation below on how to reschedule a lesson:


Important Points to Note:

The lesson schedule changes you make are live and so when the client opens their schedule they will be able to see the changes immediately. This makes sure you're both on the same page at all times!

You can check when you'll be paid by hovering over this icon:

You'll receive prompts reminding you to confirm past lessons

If you forget to confirm a lesson, we'll prompt you by text message to do so. If it was rescheduled, simply edit the lesson to the new date and time you agreed with the client.

You can undo any changes to your lesson schedule

If you accidentally confirm a lesson that didn't take place, please be sure to undo this otherwise the client will be notified incorrectly.

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