Online Tutoring Guide Contents:

1. What do I need to attend my lesson?

2. How to join your lesson

3. Troubleshooting & FAQs

What do I need to attend my lesson?

  • A laptop or desktop computer ensures the best experience. Phones are not suitable

  • A webcam and microphone. These are usually built in if you have a laptop. Earphones or headset microphones also work well.

  • An internet connection of 2-3 mbps up and down or higher. Check your speed here. 3G/LTE is often not sufficient due to inconsistent connectivity.

  • Browser: the virtual classroom will work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari (iOS 10+) and Edge. Internet Explorer 11 and older browsers are supported but without audio or video. We recommend either using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox as they deliver the best experience.

How to join your lesson

Step 1:

Open your lesson schedule using the link that was sent to your email address by your Support Manager.

Step 2:

Click on the blue “Enter class” button for the date of your lesson.

Step 3:

Now ensure that your camera, microphone, and speakers are working so that you can interact with your tutor.

Click "Allow" to the notification that pops up, so that your browser can access your Mic and Camera.

Ensure that your video feed is visible and that both the camera and mic sliders are slid to the right. To ensure that you can hear your tutor, click "Test Speakers" - which should play a sound through your speakers if they are working correctly. After you've confirmed that your camera, mic, and speakers, are working, click "Join"

You'll arrive in the virtual classroom, where your tutor should be waiting for you. You'll be able to write using the pencil tool, share your screen, upload content, and much more.

Good luck with your lessons!

Troubleshooting & FAQs

The classroom doesn’t load after I’ve clicked “Enter Class”

  • Is your WIFI or LAN working? Slow internet speeds can prevent the classroom from loading. Please close all unnecessary tabs and programs on your computer. Using mobile hotspots or dongles causes the classroom connection to be unstable, please use a WIFI or LAN connection.

  • Do you have a firewall or antivirus program running? Some antivirus software blocks internet access for the live feed that the classroom requires. Please allow The Lesson Space through your firewall or antivirus program.

  • Try opening the lesson schedule and entering the classroom in an incognito window.

I can’t hear my tutor

  • Are your speakers/headphones working, connected, and off ‘mute’?

  • Please ask your tutor to check that they’ve set their microphone up correctly on their side.

I can’t see my tutor

  • Please ask your tutor to check that they’ve set up their camera correctly on their side

My tutor can’t hear me

  • Are your speakers/headphones working, connected, and off ‘mute’?

Check with your tutor that they’ve got their speakers/headphones connected.

I have poor connectivity / I keep being disconnected from the classroom

  • This is usually due to an internet connection problem.

    • Please close all unnecessary tabs and programs on your computer.

    • Please use a WIFI or LAN connection as using mobile hotspots or dongles causes the classroom connection to be unstable.

    • Try closing and reopening your browser or clearing your browser cache and cookies.

  • Activate Relay Mode, by clicking on Setup, then Troubleshooting and then ‘Click here’ under Having Poor Connectivity.

    What if I can’t enter the classroom at all?

    • First, look through the Troubleshooting section above to see if there is an easy fix to the issue.

    • If these don’t solve the problem, it is possible that the online classroom servers are down. We recommend one of the below services as a backup option to ensure you are able to have the tutoring session:

  • Our backup tutoring solution, Miro is an effective and useful platform to use if the Teach Me 2 online classroom is not working. Read more about it here

  • Zoom. Your tutor will send you a link or meeting ID so you can join the meeting they’ll set up in the event of a problem.

  • Google Meet. If you and your tutor both have Google accounts, you’ll be able to use Google Meet easily.

  • Skype. Be sure to let your tutor know of your Skype username so they can start a call with you.

  • Whatsapp call. An easy solution in the moment is to start a Whatsapp call or video call with your tutor.

These are all solutions to allow your scheduled lesson to continue without being cancelled outright due to a bug in the system. We definitely don’t want this to be your experience going forward, so please contact your Support Manager with as many details about the problem you encountered as you can remember, and we will find a solution.

What about a power failure / load shedding? (South African students understand!)

  • We recommend you install a load shedding app such as EskomSePush on your phone, to keep track of your area’s load shedding schedule. Please be in contact with your tutor from lesson to lesson to check that both your areas will have electricity. Your tutor is able to reschedule the online sessions via their tutor portal so you can arrange things directly with them.

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